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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Funny Ad (Banned in US)Kenwood

Funny Ad from Germany which has been banned in the US. Contains funny stuff.
47 sec


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

you are the reason i again believe in love..

you are the reason for this smile.
That brightens my whole face.
This smile will never frown.
And unknowingly you became my all.
You make me feel alive once again.
You have erased my past with just a touch.
Chased my fear with just a glance.
You broke my mold with dat first kiss.
You r the reason i again believe in love.

I am tired...

I am tired.
Tired of everything tired of nothing.
I am tired of just waiting.
I know i have to be strong
for myself coz no one can fix me.
I m tired of being strong.
I just want it to be easy,to be simple,to be helped,to be saved.
I m still hoping.
I m still wishing.
I m tired of fighting with tears in my eye.
I m tired.

letting go doesn't mean giving up...

with time things changes,people doesnot mean u forget the
past and try to cover it simply mean u treasure d memories and
move on.
Letting go doesnot mean giving up, it mean accepting that something
weren't meant to will never be simple then too u have to move

Monday, February 21, 2011

An awsome quote

An awsome quote :
"Life was much simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits.......!!"

Whats LOVE?

Whats LOVE?

Its LOVE wn a Little Baby girl puts all her Energy 2 give her Daddy a
Head Massage 2 Relieve his Headache.

Its LOVE wn a Wife makes Tea 4 her Husband & takes a Sip b4 him 2 See
if it is ok.

Its LOVE wn a Mother gives her Son her food n he passes it 2 his
Younger Sister.

Its LOVE wn a Frnd holds Ur hand Tightly on a slippery Road after Rain
4 ur protection.

LOVE is Actually a Name of care

Friday, February 18, 2011

my words for something special..

Nothing is better than this for sure.
It can do wonder when nothing helps.
It strikes hearts and simply pure.
For many sorrow it's perfect cure.
Everytime i see it ,it is sparkling new.
But don't know why they are few.
Just have it n u would feel the difference.
It fills ur world with happiness for a while.
It is nothing great but just a sweet n simple "SMILE"

my words for something special..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

true love never dies..

true love never dies,it alives in ur thoughts ,in ur memories,ur eyes
,ur heart and in ur mind.
Thinking of u always puts a smile on my face and u are lost in all
those beautiful memories spent together.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my eyes will speak..

sometime ur nearness takes ny breath away.
And all the things i want
to say find no voice.
Then i can only hope
My eyes will speak my love.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

no matter how much u love someone.

sometime no matter ,how long n how much you love someone they will
never love u back and somehow you have to be ok with that.


before u ma iife was like a moonless night.
very dark,bt there were stars point of light and reason.
and then u shot across my sky like a meteor.
suddenly everything was on fire;
there was brilliancy;there was beauty.
when u were gone,when the meteor had fallen over
the horizon every thing went black .
nothing has changed ,bt my eyes were blinded by the
light.i could not see stars anymore.
and there was no more reason for anything"

when the pages of my life end....

someday when d pages
of my life end.
i know that u will be
first of its.
most beautiful chapter
and if ever i,
get to read it again
i'll open it from,
the page where i first met you!!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Even though ur heart is breaking.
And even though tears are falling.
And u feel too lost n low.
When u want to cry.
And u want to die.
And u need some place safe to go.
When u don't know what to do.
And u don't know who the hecks loves u.
And u feel so dark n low.
Just don't cry..
Even though u want to.
And u feel u got to.
And u can't look anyone in the eye.
So just
Smile or

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Elephant wearing jeans and shaking his..............

This is really very nice funny animation of an elephant wearing a jeans
And doing a booty dance
really very hilarious
Surely this pic adds a smile and love for animals

Dancing banana


I love the child in her.
So innocent and sweet.
The mischief in her eyes.
The blush upon her cheeks.
The tender way she spoke.
The touch of her warm hand,that gently touch
my hair.
The smile we shared that filled my life with glee.
For when i was with her
I found child in me.

valentine's day-New trend seen in how people think about love and relationships

Recently there has been a lot of change in how people feel about love and relationships.
Multiple partners and flirting are becoming very common in both the sexes.
So i had an idea. Lets see actually how many actually have multiple partners.
Please give your response in the Poll created at the top.
Dont worry you can answer honestly as individual vote are not seen by anybody not even by me the blog owner.

Friday, February 11, 2011

maybe there's a star now................................

maybe there's a star now,

up in the sky for me


Maybe there's an angel,

smiling up on me


Maybe i am the child of ,

the lord who oversees .

Maybe i will discover,

that which is destined for me ,

maybe i will conquer,

everyone i come to see .

Maybe i will go on to live,

an entire eternity . . .

Maybe i will learn,

all that is there to be .

Maybe i will spend,

every waking moment in glee . .

Everything that i dream,

balances on what may be .

The only thing i do know ,

for sure about life and me ,

is that with your love ,

i will always be complete .

You fill within me,w

that which no one can see .

You touch within me,

there where no one can reach.

You make me feel like ,

nothing else matters to me .

So, always be my love ,

else what a waste wouldl be my eternity

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just so beautiful love

Just so beautiful smile
which became my life
and the face so bright
glows the darkness to light
i belive in such a love
to be raised in my heart...

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love chocolate

TO all beautiful readers of my blog. HAppy chocolate day

just for you mom

Not many have ever known
and if I tell - who would believe?
There's nothing I can call my own
...not even the things I have achieved.

It's always better that way
All that is aching inside
It's better for it to stay -
covered up with hurt's pride.

All in good time
I will open the gate
of this little heart of mine
in a moment of fate.

For a soul that's been torn and
a heart controlled by other
there's not much you can do
But to hold me in your arms -
my dearest Mother.

How to Pop a Wheelie on a Motorcycle : How to Do Clutch Motorcycle Wheelies

Very good expert guidance to lift your front bike tire called wheely.

Monday, February 7, 2011

i'll be with u no matter what....

the day u hv no body around.
The day u feel lonely n down.
The day u seems no one cares anymore.
I'll be with u no matter what.
The day u feel cheated n neglected.
The day i see ur eyer wet.
The day it seems ur heart is sore.
I'll be with u no matter what.
The day u ask me to leave u alone.
The day u hate me n wish to be gone.
The day u decided to break my heart .
Still i'll be with u no matter what.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

for what i love u?

One love for ur eye so dazzling n glistening.
One love for ur beautiful smile.
One love for every time u laugh.
One love for ur lips so soft n svelte.
One love for d way u say'how sweeet'.
One love for way u look at me.
One love for ma princess her charms .
One love for those special words u use.
One love for ur heart for letting me steal.
One love when she'll be in ma arm.
One love for love i feel.

Friday, February 4, 2011

all those......


Thursday, February 3, 2011

u"ll be my favourite mistake

i am very strong.
and i will go on and on.
but u knw i am cursed.
i can never forget the smiles.the sighs
and the stupid talk.

people say u r a bad habit
i cant shake.
they say u r the worst choice i yet made.
and if dats the case then let me say.

NASA discovers new solar system- kepler 11

U r my all

U r d sparkle of my eye.
U r d blood in my vein.
U r d flutter of heart.
U r d touch i can feel.
U r d therapy that can heel.
U r d wall i lean by.
U r d wings when i fly.
U r d soul of my body.
U r d life i live.
U r my all 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Imagination to the limit= INFINITY

Well this is my real life instance.
One of the strangest dreams i ever felt.
I used the word felt coz while dreaming you always have your eyes closed, its only what all your brain makes you feel utilizing all your senses.

Early morning i woke up for my examination, in a hurry.While walking up to the road towards the examination i heard people saying out that someone leaked the examination and the question paper is on sale. Just then i saw a person with lots of books spread over the road. He was distributing the question paper in return of money to lot many people.

I just lot it. Stood there blank thinking about what to do now. As the exam was already ruined and all my preparation gone into drains.

Suddenly a someone shouted- "Look police is doing checking of everyone passing towards examination hall".

I looked in front to see a group of police officials searching everyone going for examination. And they were arresting those caught with the leaked out question paper.

A guy besides me on his bicycle got down to purchase the question paper. I warned him that please dont do such a thing as he will be caught by the police. he simply ignored my warning and bought a question paper for him.

I noticed him putting the question paper underneath his shirt to hide it from the police.

He started walking towards the examination hall. The police searched him and caught him with the question paper.

And here starts the real drama now....
The guy immediately turned into a super hero with really very good athletic built. He was wearing a batman kind of dress which was colored red not black.
I was looking in astonishment.

One of the police officials tried to grab him from behind. He just caught hold of the neck of policeman and threw him in front. The policeman went rolling along his length like some stick.

I kept staring as the policeman kept rolling and rolling and rolling.....

Then i noticed the guy turned superhero was walking towards the examination hall. There was a large globe in front of the entrance gate. The globe was filled with thousands of shine bubble.

He just jumped on the globe and started to absorb more power from the shiny bubbles. Suddenly the shine bubbles realized the this guy was not a real super hero and he had done a really very bad thing.

So all the thousands of bubbles started singing in pinching voice-"This is a fatty, shiny kid. This is a fatty shiny kid.". There voice was really very sharp.

Immediately abright light came tearing the sky and turned the superhero into a small fat kid with sparkles all over his body.

Oh my good my stomach started aching and i got up from my sleep laughing like hell.

This was the sartrangest dream i ever saw.

Please email me at me someone had a such a strange dream ever. We will publish the story if its really interesting.