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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

so many times...

so many times i have seen you in my dreams n i am sure to see you tonight.
There you are,within reach ,yet i cant hold .
I cant kiss you as i desire.
I cant make you love me as i prayed .
How could i love you so much yet you hardly know i exist.
You are so careless about you feeling,i cant understand how you do that.
How couldnt you feel my love.
I have searched many time to end this pain but i m left wid nothing.
I tried to like someone else but that also hurts me not you.
My mind tells me that i m fool and this pain must end..
But my heart say that love has no limit ,no rule and there
is no limit of it's endurance.
You know nothing about this pain.
This is a game i cant win it, yet i can't quit it.
I want to give up, but i can't because feeling i have will always be
there like a burden on my heart that will always burn me.
No matter how defeated i feel, i can't end this.
Because without ur love i m left wid nothing..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i never imagined..

I never imagined that oneday i'll love someone so much,
And some person would suddenly change my life.
I never imagined that i would feel this much heartache,
And inspite of that i would love constantly n uncoditionaly.
I never imagined that one simple smile would drive me crazy,
And to be with her forever i would ready to face anything on this earth.
I never imagined someday somebody would be so much special to me,
And gentle thought of her would fill my day n night.
I never imagined that oneday somebody would become everything to me.
And my all happiness depends on her..
Now i cann't imagine what would happen if i didn't get her...