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Friday, August 10, 2012


I have read this note on Bridge of time by Missy and this is most
wonderful thing i ever read-
Changes seemed to have been the only thing constant in life. But
memories we've share no matter how long it's been, even if I don't see
you anymore nor speak with you, memories of you and I still remained
the same, it's something even change itself cannot alter. Things we
did, things you and I have said, moments we've shared together, the
feelings those moments made me felt, still to this day, when you and
memories of you flash through my head, it takes me back in time.
Memories remained the same way it was when it was being created at
those very minute and more often than not, I spend my time thinking,
reminiscing those memories with you, it still brings beautiful
feelings to this day. Ahhh, memories are indeed beautiful and amazing.
Even the time itself cannot change those moments we've both created.

No matter where I am, no matter where you are, no matter who I'm with,
no matter whom you're with. Moments you have created with me then,
memories we've created then, can never be replaced, can never be
altered, memories we create with someone new or people we are with
now, can only add up to those memories but even them, cannot replace
the moments we've had with each other.

Sometimes when it's the busiest time of my day or when things are not
working out well in my life, I sit and spend time thinking of you and
remembering how beautiful the times we've share with one another, for
some reason it always makes me feel better, it always lighten up my
days and gives me the energy to go through my day no matter how
dreadful it may be. I guess that's what beautiful memories are for, to
be remembered in fondness, to give encouragement to face what is
today, something to learn from or perhaps something to look for?

Time may not have kept us together, time may have stopped our moments
together, time may have separated us together, circumstances, just
like time is ever changing, You may be with someone new, moving on
with your life and so am I, time may have even changed the way you
felt for me or mine to you, but one thing I know, deep down in my
heart, other than changes itself, memories of you, memories of us will
never change even time itself cannot alter..

In my life, I love YOU the most,

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